About Altura

About Altura

Altura, privately held since 2000, provides specialized services to organized systems of healthcare and to study sponsors. Our management team’s in-depth industry experience includes medical group/healthcare delivery operations, institutional review board development, pharmaceutical clinical research management and research center management and development.

Our Vision:

"To involve more patients and primary care physicians in studies by enabling study sponsors to effectively conduct Phase II-IV Studies (FDA based), Prospective Actual Use Studies, Outcomes Studies, Clinical Programs and Retrospective Studies with organized systems of healthcare, primary care physicians and managed care through the implementation of effective technology and processes. Ultimately help improve healthcare by sharing study results and best practices with organized systems of healthcare, primary care physicians and managed care."

Altura is creating the link between the science of medicine, the practice of medicine and the future of healthcare by engaging industry- and government-based developers, researchers and the practitioners into direct dialogue, resulting in new cures for disease and improved treatment modalities.

Altura’s business model is unique. Our focus is on effectively integrating research with the delivery of healthcare by mobilizng and organizing the basic ingredients of research (patients, physicians and data) that exist in abundance within large, structured health systems. We are not a Contract Research Organization (CRO), Site Management Organization (SMO) or patient recruitment company. Our business model is focused on organized systems of healthcare and bringing an effective, proven approach to expanding the reach of research programs to more patients and physicians. Altura enables the process for securing participation from new physicians, investigators and patients without interfering with the relationships that sponsors require and cherish with research centers. Altura allows for organized systems of healthcare to be directly or indirectly involved with studies and to receive information and educational programs related to the latest research findings and outcomes evidence.

The customers we serve are divided in the following categories:

Organized Systems of Healthcare


Research Organizations

Primary Care Medical Groups


Part-time Research Centers

Multi-specialty Medical Groups


Full-time Research Centers

Independent Physician Associations

Medical Device

Site Management Organizations

Integrated Delivery Systems


Contract Research Organizations

Hospital Systems

Consumer Health


Pharmacy Benefit Managers



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